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String Lights,Rymbo 34ft Indoor/Outdoor Star Shape Lights LED Warm White Twinkle Lights & USB Powered &Transparent String Cable & Remote Adapter

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Outdoor star LED warm white dual - glow lamp / Character string lamps, Rymbo 34 feet indoor / Usb-powered transparent cable and remote adapter

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Product update: with remote adapter and mode memory. The problem of frequent flicker after charging is eliminated. Keep this mode in mind before shutdown. There are eight modes: stay bright. Bright shades of dark. Three different levels of flicker.
  • USB power: directly plug into the USB port or power library to use, do not waste money to buy batteries; Environmental protection and low consumption. The transparent string cable is 33 feet long with an additional 1 foot long USB cable.
  • Excellent lighting -60 warm white LED bulbs create good lighting and a warm atmosphere that spreads and cheers over a wide area. Transparent plastic starlight is a kind of not easy to break, transparent cable, can be used for a variety of convenient decoration.
  • Romantic lighting effects - ideal for gardens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, weddings, parties, valentine's day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.
  • If there is any quality problem, please contact us by email. Within 60 days, we will return or replace the product unconditionally.

Product Details

Color name: star (warm white)Color: starlight (warm white)
On a beautiful day, such as mother's day, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, wedding, birthday, party, celebration or other romantic moment, you need LED star lights to create a romantic atmosphere.
Say goodbye to your traditional battery operated character string lights, you need more convenient, high-quality lights - indoor and outdoor USB globe string lights.
Mini beauty, easy to carry.
Romantic lighting, beautiful night.
Low power consumption, safe and reliable
It can be hung on the wall, window, door, floor, ceiling, grass, Christmas tree and so on.
Perfect for valentine's day, Christmas, other holidays, parties, weddings, etc.

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