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Black technology! Running leds in the opposite direction could cool future computers

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Found in a run counter to the common physics assumptions, researchers at the university of Michigan, ran a light-emitting diode (LED) electrode was reversed, so that the cooling only nano another distance between the equipment of this kind of method may provide new solid-state cooling technology for the future microprocessors, future microprocessors will have numerous transistors encapsulated in a small space, while current methods can't remove it as soon as possible the heat inside the equipment mechanical engineering professor Pramod Reddy (jointly lead the work, the other for EdgarMeyhofer) said: we have already demonstrated using photonic device cooling the second method is one of the earliest methods in the field of laser cooling method, is based on Arthur Ashkin foundational work, Arthur Ashkin half won the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics prize Pramod Reddy led researchers to use the chemical potential of the thermal radiation - the concept is more often used to explain the working principle of the battery Meyhofer said.Even today, many people think the chemical potential of radiation is zero but back in the 1980 s of the theoretical work shows that, in some cases, this is not the case, for example, the chemical potential in the battery can drive current inside the battery when in the equipment, metal ions will flow to the other side, because they can get rid of some of the chemical potential energy - we these energies will be used for electricity, including visible and infrared thermal radiation of electromagnetic radiation, usually do not have this potential mechanical engineering researchers study lead author Linxiao Zhu said.For thermal radiation, the radiation intensity are usually only depends on the temperature, but we actually have an extra knob to control the radiation, it allows us to study the cooling method of possible and this knob is electric theory, reverse the positive and negative electrical connection in the infrared leds not only can prevent its glow, but also suppresses it should produce thermal radiation, because it is carried out at room temperature Reddy said.To the reverse operation of LED, will act as a low temperature, however, to measure the cooling, and prove the process is very complex in order to get enough from one object of infrared light into the leds, the two must be very close - distance is less than a single wavelength of infrared light for the use of the near field or decay coupling effect is very necessary, so as to make more infrared photons or light particles from stay cool objects through into the LEDReddy and Meyhofer team currently has a certain advantage in this aspect, because they have heating and cooling of nanoscale devices, and arrange them to only a few tens of nanometer interval - or less than one over one thousand of the width of the hair under the close, a photon will not escape from stay cool objects can enter the LED, as if the gap between them does not exist the team also can use a low vibration lab, there can be measured by the nano space objects, because the vibration, including building the footsteps of others will be greatly reducedThe team demonstrated this principle by building a small calorimeter, a device that measures changes in energy, and placing it next to a tiny LED the size of a grain of rice. The two then continuously emit and receive heat photons from each other and from elsewhere in the environment.Any object at room temperature will shine infrared light and night vision camera can capture from warm objects but once LED by reverse biased, it will start as a very low temperature object, absorbing heat meter of photons at the same time, the gap will return to prevent quantity of heat by conduction calorimeter, the cooling effect are produced by the team shows the cooling effect of 6 watts per square meter in theory, the effect can produce the equivalent of 1000 watts per square meter of cooling, or equivalent to the energy of the sun on the surface of the earthFor smartphones and other computers in the future, this discovery may be very important as more and more small equipment began to have more computing ability, removing heat from the microprocessor began restricting power can be packed into a given space and with this new method of the improvement of efficiency and cooling rate, the team is looking forward to this kind of phenomenon can be a rapid method of microprocessor to absorb heat from the device, it can even prevent the smartphone is hurt, because the nanoscale gasket can be fully would be microprocessor and LED the segmentation

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