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Thumb up!Taizhou festival lights in the international market more and more bright!

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At the end of the year, many people like to decorate their homes with colorful lights and drive away the cold snow with a festive atmosphere.In euramerican area, it is Christmas no matter, still be other festival, festal lamp became their undoubtedly "beloved".


In fact, as early as before the advent of Christmas, taizhou produced hundreds of millions of sets of festive lights products have already been across the sea, in advance of the display in foreign stores for people to buy, for the global holiday period to create a warm and romantic Christmas atmosphere to prepare.


Recently, the reporter learned from the taizhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau that, in the first 10 months of 2017, the taizhou region exported about 500 million us dollars of festival light products, accounting for 35.98% of the total national holiday light exports, is the country's largest holiday light production and export base, the product exports around the world more than 100 countries and regions.

"Insist on" quality, taizhou festival lights illuminate the overseas market

In recent years, the rise in raw materials, labor costs and so on have brought pressure to the export of foreign trade enterprises, however, taizhou festival lamp export is still strong.People can not help but ask, in the changeable international market, taizhou festival lights why so "bright"?


Festival lights as a mass consumer goods, product quality is directly related to the personal safety of consumers, its quality safety issues are very sensitive, from raw materials into the factory, workers processing technology to enterprise management, affecting the safety of festival lights quality factors everywhere, every link needs to be strictly controlled.


"Every year, we will organize special activities to spot check the quality of festival lights, and randomly select the export festival lights in the jurisdiction to send them to the electrical safety laboratory for testing. Meanwhile, we will cooperate with local government departments to carry out actions to crack down on the export of fake and shoddy festival lights, standardize the industrial order, and maintain the industry image of festival lights in the region."Taizhou entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau staff said.


After years of supervision and self-development of the industry, taizhou holiday lamp enterprises have strengthened their awareness of quality and safety. In 2017, the number of cases of taizhou holiday lamp products being reported abroad due to quality problems dropped by 50%.


It is understood that in addition to improving the quality of festival lights, taizhou festival lights industry is developing towards "green and environmental protection", and constantly promoting product transformation and upgrading, especially the festival lights production has changed from traditional bulb production to LED products.


"Festival lights in taizhou has been a mature industry, the change is not big, in addition to the color and variety of increase, the most obvious change is the traditional light bulbs are replaced by LED.Zhejiang tiantian electron limited company general manager jin xiangyang tells a reporter, compare traditional bulb festal lamp, LED festal lamps and lanterns has the advantage such as lamp body compact, safe low voltage, service life is long, energy consumption is low, quantity of heat is sent out little, while lighting profusive colour, realize lower energy consumption, better protection environment.


At present, taizhou festival light industry has fully popularized LED products, the proportion of traditional light bulb products has dropped significantly, the proportion of LED products of most enterprises is up to more than 90%, some enterprises can even reach 100%.

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