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Taizhou festival lights quantity and quality development of the market

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At the end of the year, for western countries that like to decorate with colorful lights, festive lights are undoubtedly their "beloved".

In fact, as early as before the advent of Christmas, taizhou production of hundreds of millions of sets of holiday lights have been across the sea, in advance of the display in foreign stores.Reporters learned from the taizhou customs, this year from January to October, the export of Christmas supplies in taizhou amounted to more than 661 million us dollars, a year-on-year increase of 5.83%, as the country's largest holiday lights production and export base, the city holiday lights total exports accounted for more than one-third of the country, the export of products around the world more than 100 countries and regions.

Innovation: product "quantity" hard work

When it comes to festival lights, we have to mention "the hometown of Chinese festival lights" -- huangyan ning river.Ningxi has a history of more than 30 years of festival lights industry development. At present, there are 36 local enterprises engaged in the production and operation of festival lights. In 2017, the annual GDP of enterprises producing festival lights of ningxi town above the scale reached 210 million yuan, accounting for 60% of the total industrial output value of the town above the scale, among which the export output value reached 180 million yuan.

"Festival lights industry threshold is low, due to the previous festival lights product type less, high homogeneity rate, low added value, so the product export grade is not high, low price, vicious competition.Lin bang, general manager of taizhou huangyan ningtai industry and trade co., LTD., general secretary of huangyan festival lamp industry association in huangyan district, said that now there are more and more technical barriers and trade barriers. In the current market environment, small and medium-sized festival lamp enterprises must transform and upgrade their products if they do not want to be eliminated from the market.

In the corner of the sample room of taizhou festival lamp company, there are always some simple products which have been eliminated by the market. They are silently witnessing the speed of enterprise innovation and product update and iteration.

"Every year, there are a lot of holiday lighting companies withdrawing from the market, especially those small businesses.Nowadays, consumers are not only satisfied with the traditional festival lights, taizhou export festival lights scale enterprises also mostly have advanced research and development technology team and their own design team, and small enterprises lack these advantages, once can not keep up with the market 'pace' will be eliminated naturally.Said jin xiangyang, general manager of zhejiang tiantian electronics co.

Now, taizhou festival lamp industry gradually from labor-intensive to technology-intensive transformation, intelligent festival lamp, energy-saving and environment-friendly festival lamp products continue to launch, science and technology content, product grade and independent innovation ability has been improved, more and more fashion and beautiful crafts shape festival lamp products have appeared.

Under the bright colors of festival lights, people can find that more and more animal, plant and handicraft products begin to appear, which is the result of enterprises' active adjustment of product structure and enhancement of product innovation.

Upgrade: product "quality" on the issue

The reporter understands, below current consumption big environment, export fete lamp new product holds total product 80%, and new product maintains at most two years to be able to be washed out, for this our city a few enterprises invited euramerican stylist to go to a factory to design directly, docking east and west designs a concept, in order to better cater to market demand.

Besides design and color and sort increase outside, the reporter discovers, festival lamp the most apparent change is traditional bulb changed LED energy-saving lamp mostly.

"Festival lights in taizhou has been a mature industry, the annual change is not large, in addition to the design and variety of increase, the most obvious change is that most of the traditional bulbs replaced by LED.Jin xiangyang tells a reporter, compare traditional bulb fete light, LED fete light fixture has the advantage such as lamp body cabinet, safe low voltage, service life is long, energy consumption is low, quantity of heat is sent out little.At present, taizhou festival light industry has been fully popularized LED products, the proportion of traditional light bulb products dropped significantly, the proportion of LED products of most enterprises is up to more than 90%, some enterprises can even reach 100%.

In addition, according to the monthly export data provided by taizhou customs, taizhou holiday light industry mainly focuses on export and Christmas holiday light products. However, the export peak of this kind of products is concentrated in the third quarter. After entering October, the sales volume has decreased significantly, less than 1/3 of that in September.

As we have learned, the processing production of festival lamp has apparent weak and busy season, after National Day most festival lamp manufacturers enter production weak season, already became export enterprise one big difficult problem.

"Although the peak season of holiday lights is unavoidable for our holiday lights manufacturers, the trade friction between China and the us has not affected our sales in 2018 due to the export of most orders before National Day, but it will have a greater impact on sales next year."Lin bang told reporters.

For the export-oriented holiday lamp enterprises, this year's sino-us trade friction brought about by the exchange rate adjustme

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