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Taizhou festival lamp enterprises explore "two legs" to walk

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Foreign markets open up new market competition is more and more difficult to profit exports declined year by year for export-oriented processing production of seasonal strong taizhou holiday lights, this time, from the breakthrough of shifted into industry development have learned, at present taizhou export festival lights sale in domestic market, some have begun to transform development through service projects of urban landscape, alleviate industry strong seasonal shortcomings, and improve the plant production, some enterprises also gradually from the traditional holiday lamp products, outdoor solar lighting lamps and lanterns to extension, expand the development spaceFocus on market and expand the domestic market Huang Yanning stream landscape lamp has a reputation as the hometown of Chinese holiday lights, local festival lamp product diversity, intelligent festival lamp energy efficient and environmentally friendly light crafts and fashion and beautiful modelling festival light products have been launched, products are exported to Europe and the United States, southeast Asia and even the new development of the African market in recent years, the increasing cost of raw material rising Labour bring foreign trade enterprises to export pressure, holiday lights export enterprises is not exceptional also, therefore, quite a few local companies are starting to expand the domestic market, into the city landscape project in March, NingXi held on February 21Lantern show the colorful lantern show on the news headlines, and maxed out circle of friends, very famous place, attracts many tourists and businessmen who were NingXi holiday lights in the domestic market before the anonymity, is lighted by building the town, held on February characteristic Lantern Festival, many manufacturers invited merchants to come to watching lanterns, climaxing fame, also set up the brand, secretary general of the taizhou huangyan district festival lamp industry association Huang Yanning tai industry and trade co., LTD., general manager of ringbom said, now, domestic tourism economic rise, demand for holiday lights landscape lamp lighting engineering is large, wide prospect of marketShifted, easier said than done, by shifted, not the export foreign holiday lamp products as simple directly to domestic sales, and to make the cell (consumer identity is not achieved overnight, seek from the actual conditions of their transformation To open the domestic market, many export enterprises, once with the method of price war, but at a low price is often behind the low-quality, make industry into a vicious circleDevelop new markets, by long-term, stable product quality, so the enterprise to be shifted, the most basic is to get the good product quality, actively adjust the product structure, strengthen product innovation, only the scientific and technological content of products and improve the independent innovation ability, in order to gradually open the domestic market, accepted by Chinese ringbom said more competitive, companies need overseas warehouse NingXi lantern show in NingXi elements in traditional festival holiday lights, and NingXi holiday lights the beginning of the two roads at home and abroad go hand in handRingbom told reporters that the current NingXi town engaged in holiday lights have 36 production and operation of enterprises, there are 26 production enterprise to realize the transformation and upgrading in addition, the town of NingXi festival lamp supporting industry development also follow up steadily, and plug factory wire factory and so on 15 enterprises taizhou xin Ye electronic technology co., LTD., since 2011 the transformation and upgrading, constantly optimize the product structure, takes high-end course, make the independent brand, won a high reputation in overseas market last year, the company annual output value reached 40 million yuan, all of this is the result of the enterprise brand awarenessLike taizhou xin Ye electronic technology co., LTD, taizhou many companies started from OEM to own brand production of holiday lights only commonly enterprises is through the trade company or to export the goods, to sell the products to customers, mainly to OEM, but we in order to improve the market competitiveness, not only registered the trademark, also applied for the patent in export area of zhejiang xiang-yang jin electronics co., LTD. General manager said, every day due to holiday lamp is season very apparent mass consumer goods, companies have their own warehouse abroad more cost-effective than leasing container at the customsIt is for the above reasons, the production of holiday lights of pearl group co., LTD is adjusted to its business model, as early as ten years ago and set up a trading company in Mexico, and has its own warehouse The reporter understands, set up a warehouse in overseas, to ensure that enterprises supply to overseas market is not affected by season, of course, the model is more suitable for self-marketing enterprise, especially in overseas for their own sales channels and markets In recent years, overseas holiday lights, which have their own warehouse, more and more enterprises, it also means that taizhou of holiday lights independent brand recognition in overseas markets also gradually riseAt present, in Mexico alone, taizhou made holiday lights have accounted for more than half of the local market

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