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Christmas lights are western Christmas lights that people decorate on Christmas trees.

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Basic Introduction

In the western Christmas, people will decorate the Christmas tree, there are all kinds of ornaments, Christmas lights nature is the most common and the most important ornaments, almost every Christmas tree will be decorated with sparkling lights.
In the past, Christmas in the United States was very simple, but now, Christmas has become a mixed religious ceremony and holiday gathering day. During the festival, people visit relatives and friends, send gifts to each other, have parties, decorate Christmas decorations, and engage in charity activities.

detailed introduction

Christmas period, customers across the country because of the crazy shopping tired, exhausted, but also improve the profits of the shop, every year at Christmas, but people seem to be so, Christmas is more than that for americans, Christmas is a time of emotional expression, the most hope is with friends and relatives for Tyler beasley, he can look forward to most is together with Father Christmas small Taylor, father Marine sergeant Rodney beasley in Iraq not only did he come back for Christmas and also to bring the Santa Claus Tyler in the classroom, he was overjoyedBut, after two weeks, sergeant beasley and back to the United States Marine corps Iraq held an annual Christmas toy donations every year, people put all kinds of toys and gifts to the poor children volunteers also took the children to simulate in the store, let them choose their favorite present the national plan to help the millions of children across the country people are decorating their Christmas celebrations in a residential area, Texas, with colorful Christmas lights Christmas decorations of the decoration of the house up some families with the theme of current political affairs"A lot of people look at our Christmas decorations and they're like, 'I've never seen anything like this before

Festival significance

For many americans, a permanent symbol of Christmas is the national Christmas tree on the national mall in Washington. During an evening celebration, the President or first lady usually lights the Christmas lights on the tree. For many christians, Christmas candles may be the best gift.
In Minnesota, a store owner named Kim foels is selling candles that he says smell like Jesus. She says the scent is comforting. This candle was made by a devout Christian couple according to the bible. The bible says Jesus' clothes smelled of myrrh, incense and cinnamon

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